Art in a Toilet

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toven huussi2Sometimes it’s great fun to do some totally different. The culture office of Porvoo asked me, if I could come up with anything to their summer #URBCULT -project.
They basically gave me a one square-meter “outdoor toilet” (in Finnish “huussi” or “hyyssikkä”) – and free hands to do “art”.

And yes: without the actual seat-and-the-bucket .

It just happened that the whole  was c. 4×2 meters, so I came up with this idea of putting a 360°x 180° print  of that exact size on the wall so that when you are standing in the middle you’d see a continuous image.

I chose an image I shot couple of years ago in Klovharun, inside the cabin of late Tove Jansson – as the place is essential to the cultural heritage of Porvoo and yet very hard to get to as it is a rather remote place; only a few hundred people visit the island annually.

For the ceiling I made a c. 100 cm X 100 cm print of the whole island – but in so called little planet projection. You can actually see our sailboat and my kids in that image.

printtiThe images are mounted on polycarbonate (to minimaze the effects  of humidity and temperature) – and big thanks goes to Canon  for doing the print job.

Yes, I know the projection of the image covering the walls is wrong – it should be rectilinear instead of equirectangular.

But if you happen to be in Porvoo during the summer, go check it out. You can find it outside the Taidetehdas (ArtFactory).

As I said: fun to do something totally different.

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  1. Tim
    July 12, 2015

    No jokes about bog standard art . Great idea, Kari!


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