Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling

I’ve been away from the screen and the keyboard for a long time. The whole of last year was definitely a turning point of some kind… ending of something which had become an essential part of my professional life (i.e. high profile sports photography)  and beginning of something else… (more about that later). And while busy trying to […]

Digital Indie Publishing

Digital Indie Publishing

Some of you might have noticed the thing we did in DocImages couple of days ago. Well, if you didn’t, here’s a short recap. (And here is an article I wrote in Finnish in our blog) I am getting sick and tired of the ever tightening legacy print death spiral and especially frustrated with their […]

Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift

This is not an eulogy. This is not so much about Apple or the man – Steve Jobs – either. This is about the paradigm shift he introduced which people don’t seem to get. And this is about our future. But: I cannot write this without paying homage to somebody I have always respected immensely. […]

QR Code: Rich Media to Meet the Legacy Print?

I don’t usually get carried away by gadgets or technological innovations. Usually don’t hype about them either. I might talk about them, review them, discuss them. Yes,  you can call me gear-head if you want – but just because of that, I’m also very used to technology. I am not easily impressed. But this time […]

2011: So You Want to Have Your Newspaper in the iPad?

(UPDATED; see end) Ge’ez, that’s original. So does everybody – so join the line. That’s no news. Wait! Take it again! Did you say you want you newsPAPER into the iPad or you NEWSpaper? Because: if you meant the latter, you might be into something. “It shouldn’t be about the device but about the information”, […]

Some Simple iPad Stuff for Photographers

The iPad is now totally integrated into my daily workflow. I’ve talked about ShutterSnitch in my two previous posts – it totally rocks – and I’ve been promising to write about the future of the print on these devices one of these days… And I will, but before that, a quick post on two workflow […]

Canon WFT and Eye-Fi – together with iPhone and iPad

I’ve had couple of emails asking for more information on my previous post, so here we go. Been testing different scenarios, different network and workflow configurations… and I have to say, I really like this. When I compared it to a toilet in train in my previous post, somebody asked did I have to look […]

iPad and ShutterSnitch – Like a Toilet in a Train

    I’ve been planning – and promising – to write about the iPad for quite a long time now. But something has always gotten on the way. But – here we go. This essay discusses an application called the ShutterSnitch and how it is integrated it into my daily workflow. Then – hopefully in […]

I Love my Mac…

… and you could easily claim  that I am a big fan of Apple. Hell, presently three of them are humming in the house – even our boat has a set up for two. And I just love my iPhone. There is no way I would touch a PC for any serious work… On top […]