Digital Indie Publishing

Digital Indie Publishing

Some of you might have noticed the thing we did in DocImages couple of days ago. Well, if you didn’t, here’s a short recap. (And here is an article I wrote in Finnish in our blog) I am getting sick and tired of the ever tightening legacy print death spiral and especially frustrated with their […]

Shooting 360°x180° Images – from a Helicopter

Shooting 360°x180° Images – from a Helicopter

This is a small demo.  Please note: this works (properly) only with HTML5 compliant browser – such as Safari on a Mac. It works on iPad2 (i.e. Mobile Safari) but it does NOT work with iPad 1st gen. nor iPhone (except – I was told – it does work with iPhone 4S) – due to non-optimized media and subsequently high […]

A Walk On the Memory Lane: Rock Summer 1988

This is not brilliant, far from it – but it is different, I dare say. Something I did now in the spring and finally I thought it is time to show it. Show that there are options – that it is not that hard to do something this simple, yet totally different. That there are […]

Too Many Interfaces…?

Too Many Interfaces…?

That actually was my desktop this morning. My shoulder is killing me  – had an operation about 2 weeks ago, presently I can be referred to as the  “Titanium Edition”  due to the spare parts screwed to my shoulder – and the fact that my hand moves BUT DOES NOT MOVE ENOUGH is driving me […]

A New Era of Book Publishing

When it comes to multimedia, I am pretty hard to impress – since while trying to learn the basics myself,  I have seen some great things being created around the world. Amazing approaches, beautiful content. Yet… Today I was blown away. Reason? This TED-talk by Mike Matas, describing a book they came up with. The […]

Photography Legends – Multimedia Approach

This is my first attempt on something that I have been planning to do for a while. A multimedia series of photographers, legends of their own time and era… Pictures and stories behind them. Told by the photographers themselves. I will try to make this into a series – would be pretty impressive to make […]

iPad – The Future of Our Journalism?

This is sort of an anniversary article: I wrote about the iPad about a year ago for the first time. A the time, nobody new what it would be called: iTablet, iSlate… No tech specs available, just rumors. I immediately said – then – that this would change world as we know it. We, the […]

Canon WFT and Eye-Fi – together with iPhone and iPad

I’ve had couple of emails asking for more information on my previous post, so here we go. Been testing different scenarios, different network and workflow configurations… and I have to say, I really like this. When I compared it to a toilet in train in my previous post, somebody asked did I have to look […]

Clear Signs Where the Future will Not Be

“Postmodernism is a change-or-be-changed world. The word is out: Reinvent yourself  for the 21st century or die. Some would rather die than change.” – Leonard Sweet, cultural historian – Lot’s of stuff happening in my small world. Seems sometimes so chaotic and endless – lots of the signs lately have been so negative – and […]