Olympics, Day 6: Fencing, Sailing…

Olympics, Day 6: Fencing, Sailing…

Half way thru the games. Been busy, being the only photographer for my client means I am really pushing it. Which also explains why I have been very quiet in this blog as well – there just is no extra time. Work intended to the client(s) and simply getting around from venue to venue in […]

In the Land of Shadows

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In our culture you don’t usually get positive feedback. There is a sort of  consensus that no feedback is enough, so as long as your boss does not chew your ass off,  you can assume you are doing a good job. I’ve never gotten used to this and  it has a tendency to drive me […]

An Epilogue to Berlin

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Don’t you just love when somebody says ” I told you so…”?  Couple of days ago – well, could have been two weeks ago – I predicted in my blog from Berlin with Nikon D300s and Canon 5Dmrk2 that they would soon upgrade to multiple framesizes and multiple framespeeds. Well, Canon was the first to […]