Congratulations, Heli!

Congratulations, Heli!

I’ve written about this multimedia piece couple of times earlier. But please bear with me one more time. Today I had the honor of receiving the Multimedia of the Year 2013 Award (Suomen Lehtikuvaajat / Finnish Pressphotographers Association) together with Heli Kaskinen in Helsinki for DocImages. My role in this production was simply to act […]

Digital Indie Publishing

Digital Indie Publishing

Some of you might have noticed the thing we did in DocImages couple of days ago. Well, if you didn’t, here’s a short recap. (And here is an article I wrote in Finnish in our blog) I am getting sick and tired of the ever tightening legacy print death spiral and especially frustrated with their […]

Multimedia: The Independence Reception 2012

Multimedia: The  Independence Reception 2012

    (Click here to see the multimedia) It is the most important social happening of the year – as a social event, you could say it is sort of our Academy Awards. It is also the most viewed TV-program of the year. I’ve covered the event several times – yes, you might argue that […]

A Walk On the Memory Lane: Rock Summer 1988

This is not brilliant, far from it – but it is different, I dare say. Something I did now in the spring and finally I thought it is time to show it. Show that there are options – that it is not that hard to do something this simple, yet totally different. That there are […]

Photography Legends – Multimedia Approach

This is my first attempt on something that I have been planning to do for a while. A multimedia series of photographers, legends of their own time and era… Pictures and stories behind them. Told by the photographers themselves. I will try to make this into a series – would be pretty impressive to make […]

Forget Photography – Screen Capture Rules

(Just updated the small image gallery I’ve been keeping from here)   Two nights ago, I go to cover the prize ceremony of the men’s X-country 15km race here in Oslo. Matti Heikkinen is the first man to win this title in 12 years in Finland – so it’s big news back home. We are […]

Oslo 2011 Skiing: A Multimedia Approach

Been here now three days: fog, rain, snow…  It is a question of choosing your profession, I guess, but I just don’t enjoy being wet all the time – nor does my camera equipment. Plus in this total “grayness” it is hard to make photography worth showing. But yesterday I made something which I consider […]

Kiira, Kiira, Kiira….

Posted on Jan 27, 2011 in iPhone, Photography, QR, QR code, Skating, Sports, Web | 2 Comments

(Updated: image gallery 28.1.2011 at noon) Yup, that’s it. That’s what I did today. And what I will do tomorrow. And the day after… Sure, I will be covering some of the other events as well, but there is no question where the focus will be. Not that I am complaining – on the contrary. She […]

European Championships of Figure Skating 2011

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I just got to Bern, Switzerland to cover the European Championships of Figure Skating 2011. This is the third year I do this in a row and I am very excited about it. It’s nice to get to slowly know the atheletes  and their styles – as well as trying to perfect your own approach […]