European Championships of Figure Skating 2011

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Kiira during the Finlandia Trophy couple of months back. The QR-code will take you to a mobile image-gallery from the EC 2011 in Bern . (Instructions how to use it below).

I just got to Bern, Switzerland to cover the European Championships of Figure Skating 2011. This is the third year I do this in a row and I am very excited about it. It’s nice to get to slowly know the atheletes  and their styles – as well as trying to perfect your own approach in shooting this.

What is really great is that we have the same “team” here  as we did last year in Tallin – especially I am psyched to work again side by side with Tomas Whitehouse – a friend of mine from back home  and a great photographer.  You just learn so much from people like him – people who take this as passionately as he does. Last year we teamed our efforts during the gala and made a small website of our images together with Elina Paasonen of Aamulehti – another friend back home – which eventually got over 100 000 hits on the server. Nothing out of this world, but up and running within an hour after the gala was over.

Hope to do that again – all three of us here – we’ll see what we manage to cook up :-) . Depends naturally a lot how Kiira and the others do as well…

In addition, I thought I am going to give a try to the QR-code in real action – now that I was raving about it so much in my two previous posts.  Notice the little stamp on the right lower corner of the image above? If this is new to you, read my two previous posts – or simply check out the instructions here. Give it a go and let me know what do you think (towards the end of the week when I get this running – presently you just get a simple greeting screen). Especially if you have an iPhone it is dead easy – but should work with all so called “smart phones”.

But, now it is time to go and check the venue and the premises…


  1. Tomas
    January 26, 2011

    Woo hoo! Go team!

  2. Rami Saarikorpi
    January 27, 2011

    This is weird! The QR code is not working with the iPhone, but the Samsung works!? It might be the iPhone, I will try again when I get it back on…

    • kkuukka
      January 27, 2011

      It is you iPhone. IF you are using SCAN do notice that you scan the QR only once. After it is placed in the history, you can not scan it again (nor need to, as you can access the link thru history button). If you clear all the history, you can rescan it again.

      greetings from Bern


      ps. thanks for checking out.


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