Talking of Sports Images…


One of my favorite images from these games. The three ladies above everyone else: Björgen, Johaug and Kowalczyk.

Slowly packing my stuff here in Val di Fiemme, heading homewards tomorrow.  Next month will be very much teaching oriented: first teaching sports photography  Thursday thru Sunday and then video and multimedia intensive in Lahti (joint project with LAMK and Aalto University). Really, really looking forward to being home for a while, been on a road now for a month (excluding a small pitstop home two weeks ago)

KK-ValDiFiemmeX1KK9143BBut just came to think about something: next weekend, on Saturday around three  (9.3. 15.00) I will be giving a small presentation (c. 45 min.) about sports photography  in Kuva&Kamera fair in Helsinki Messukeskus.

Just thought I mention that if anybody is planning on coming to the event and would be interested in seeing some of my images plus hear me babble about them…

The audience is presumably rather heterogeneous and as the time is limited, I will try to focus on things which might be of interest to everybody, keep it rather general and leave the more advanced “techno babble” to some other occasion. Maybe just try to offer some insights and tips on what I have found useful/essential when working with sports. The presentation will be in Finnish.

See you there?


  1. Harri Väyrynen
    March 11, 2013

    Hi Kari!

    I was listening your presentation on Saturday in Kuva&Kamera fair in Helsinki. Photos were great and you told interesting things from your photos and equipments and also stories behind the scene. Great work!

    Harri, Turku

  2. kkuukka
    March 12, 2013

    :-) Thank you.


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