The Good, Bad and the Ugly….

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The Common Cents 10/2010, as seen today in FInland... (Click to enter the site)



Mark Loundy keeps a great website, updated monthly, called The Common Cents. I read it every month – and usually I get depressed for the rest of the day… ;-)  as I am not your  typical Finn in a sense that I take no consolation in the fact that others get screwed over too.

I’m sure you  know what they say about the Finns: ” It’s not how you are doing, but that your neighbour is doing worse, that matters…” I just don’ relate to that. But that’s just me.

But anyway: I recommend reading it – it’s always worth it and today I just totally cracked when I saw the last item – in the Leftovers section. God sure has a sick sense of humor sometimes… or maybe it was just google servers looking for matching keywords… or maybe it was somebody in Helsinki who just saw a great opportunity to place a local ad on  the page…

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