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Well, not very much… I mentioned the Berlin blog earlier;  the slideshow I did with four simultaneus images over there did generate some discussion… What I would have liked to do, was having four simultaneus slideshows, with one ambient audio looping. Then each of these four slideshows would have acted  as a hotspot linking to a “proper” slideshow of  that particular athlete.

But, this would have meant several I-frames overlapping – and frame-within-a-frame – and this several times – is always a bit scary to do. And within a time-frame of couple of minutes, I just couldn’t pull that one off.

Mikko Hirvonen’s WRC-racecar in Jyväskylä got quite an audience on the MTV3 website, and I am actually pretty proud of it. Considering that it is a simple jpeg image, check the lensflare on the sidemirror. Talk about adding an illusion of reality…

Flying with a helicopter – also in Jyväskylä –  and trying to align a racecar and another helicopter shooting live video of the race below us was pretty challenging, as you can see in this audioslideshow. Visually this is – in my opinion – rather boring, but it is very informative (if you understand Finnish, that is…)

Madonna Concert in Helsinki earlier in August got over 50 000 hits on my server. I did iPod versions of both  Hirvonen’s car (in PangeaVR)  and Madonna (in Quicktime) and especially the Madonna one is pretty cool,  but unfortunately for copyright reasons, they cannot be published here, sorry.

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