Two Hills Tournament…

Two Hills Tournament…


As you might know, it is called Four Hills Tournament (Vierschanzen­tournee)… but to me it became only two. Finland has been doing a record low — yesterday three out of four jumpers left for Finland because of their poor perfor­mance. Kind of discou­raging… and not much to do as a photo­grapher for the rest of the tour.

The image above basically tells the story (click to enlarge).

The dashed line is the 118m mark you had to cross in order to make it to the compe­tition in Garmish-Parten­kirchen. Lauri Asiakainen of Finland is the only one doing it, the three others fall behind the line not making it in the actual compe­tition. I had good luck that Gregor Schlie­renzauer (longest jump in the quali­fying, second in the compe­tition) actually fits into the frame I set.

IMG_0418It is shot simply by clamping a camera to the railing and remote triggering it; manual focus and setting the crop wide enough according my estimation of how the jumpers might perform. In retrospect, for clarity’s sake I should have done the 118m line in editing with some other color than red.

Tells the story rather nicely?

As to me, I’ll be heading to Italy to cover the last five days of Tour de Ski. Nice to see also Val di Fiemme as I’ll be spending two weeks there next month covering the Skiing World Championships.

Below are two more shots from yesterdays compe­tition. First image is of Gregor Schlie­rezauer , the second of Lauri Asikainen.



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    1. It’s sort of a Garmish-Parten­kirchen cliché… but I’d never done it before. There’s only so much you can really do in ski jumping, as it is very simple a sport visually… unless you manage to play with the elements or something goes wrong (like my last years image of Tom Hilde falling).

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