Multimedia: Working on a New Interface

Been busy lately working with a new interface format. Meaning: lots of sleepless nights.

I’ve been trying to minimize the role of  HTML-code and move the emphasis – as much as possible – to flash. And as anyone familiar with flash knows, it is a rather complicated program.

New Interface - a work in progress

New Interface - a work in progress

Nothing new in this per se, but with a couple of interesting twists: I’ve been using GUI (graphic user interface) instead of relying entirely on handcoding, incorporating not only stills, slideshows, video and spherical panoramic images, but also interactive sounds depending on the combination of the visual content displayed. In addition, been doing it with images and work of other photographers – also a new development in my workflow.

But more about this later, as there will be a forced delay of about a week in this while I head to Sölden to cover the opening of the new alpine season.


Yesterday I did something a bit different, although nothing spectacular: we had our annual riding competition in Helsinki, the Helsinki International Horseshow. I did the usual shooting for the print -your basic sports images – but at the same time, I also decided to create a simple multimedia story on coursedesign for my client  Aamulehti.

Click image to see the multimeda

Click image to see the multimedia

Shot a 360°x180°  in the middle of the arena and set another camera  – a remote clamped upstairs, with an intervalometer to shoot images every 20 sec while they were building the course – and did a elementary time-lapse with these images. Did a quick interview/voice-over with the German coursedesigner, mixed the audio and finally combined everything in GL CS2.  I wanted to do it in flash entirely, but  there was one line of code I just could not get to work – and by midnight, after too many cups of coffee,  I just had to accept it.

WP has it all wrong in their add: “Code is not poetry” – “code”  is a four-letter word…

But: it is not bad, considering it is about  5-6 hour effort of one single person, out of which the competition and preparation of the course (i.e photography) was something like three hours.  I did all the editing, stiching, coding, designing and posting  in less than three hours.

Bottomline and point being: this kind of work could easily – and SHOULD – be incorporated into normal, daily procedures of news(paper) website operations.

If these papers want to stay in business, that is.


(UPDATE: Sorry again about the broken link for the horseshow-image.  As I said, code is a four-letter word…  It is fixed now / KK)

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